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This is the first version of FlashDocs, tool to create custom full flash website. User friendly, easy, free, is was created for everyone and to produce various contents.

Insert in a few clicks every content you want, media or text, make you own page layout, save it, and your page is created.

A new flash experimentation, which was born following the FlashBlog. Current this project, i was confronted with a page layout limitation, because of dynamic textfields in Flash. Articles content, coming from the WP database, was seriously ravelled, and needed to be improved.

FlashDocs is offered a free page layout, no limitation. But it is not pluggable on the FlashBlog yet, some capabilities are missing.
They will be add on the next version.

FlashDocs illustration 1
Download :

-FlashDocs v0.1 FR
-FlashDocs v0.1 EN



Reader :

  • Page and category browsing
  • Identification
  • Direct access to pages witht a single url
  • An optimized referencing :
    • sitemap.xml file, updated every time you add, edit, or delete a page
    • alternatice flash content with the current page content
    • adapted keywords and description for each page
      With this system, FlashDocs is using all existing solutions to reference a flash website.


Writter :

  • Drag&Droppable managed menu
  • Identification whith sharedObject (like a cookies, but for Flash)
  • Website console management integrated in the same template that public one, with real time editing
  • Adding, deleting, and editing pages
  • Adding, deleting, and editing categories
  • Managing order of pages and categories
  • Managing published or draft state
  • Pages edition :
    • Text management : text blocs number, blocs size, font style, position…
    • Medialibrary : pictures .gif,. jpg, .png, file .swf, movies .flv, sounds .mp3
    • Medias transform : rotation, scale, mirror, transparency, position…
  • Links management
  • Page template management : width, height, background, type of background (color, pattern, picture…)



To see a demonstration click here.

Demonstration movie



You can download the full package here :

-FlashDocs v0.1 FR
-FlashDocs v0.1 EN

Required :
-PHP 4
-Player flash 8

To install FlashDocs

  • Fill in your database settings into php/connexion.php
  • Upload flashdocs folder on your serveur.
  • Go to http://votredomaine.fr/flashdocs/php/index.php
  • Follow the steps
  • Your flashdocs is created



For people who well known Flash, it is easy to add your own fonctionnality, because you can insert flash files. Just not use _root into your AS.